"M' souls already sordid like 'ell!"

Eric Slingby - Collections Officer - London Division

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A coffin for two people.

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[[ Status: Step dad came in and said “Your room is a mess, and I really hope it doesn’t stay that way”



"Late shift again. Who would’a thought,"

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Alan waited for Eric to out on his jacket. “I’m impressed Eric. You actually managed to go the entire day without earning over time. That must have been hard for you,” he teased. “Now, where exactly are we going tonight, or is it going to be a surprise?”

"Impressed?" he laughed, "I can b’have ev’ry once in a while. Ye have such li’l faith." He pretended to be hurt until they walked out of the building before he answered the smaller reaper, "I decided t’make it a surprise. Can’t know anythin’ ‘bout it."

Check up day


"Soloist. When I was on stage I was up there alone and would’ve made myself look like an even bigger fool because of it." There was a hint of pride in her voice despite her words. Even though the company hadn’t been a big name one being a soloist meant she was one of the best dancers they had. Probably would’ve made principal if she hadn’t died.

"He’ll listen to me."Johanna-Jordan laughed, waving a hand slightly. "See unlike you I outrank him when it comes to the health. He may argue with me but I’m sure we’ll work something out." Once he picked an arm she nodded and traced her finger along the arm,searching for a vein to prick.

"I’m used to being snapped at, comes with the job."She said as she straightened out his arm and bound the tourniquet just above his elbow. "My issue comes in with the fact that Dispatch sees a lot of demons and demonic toxins are nasty if they get into you." She sighed softly before tapping his hand. "Make a fist"

"Feel like ‘at’d b’more nerve wracking. I know I couldn’t ever d’ it. I’d prob’ly jus’ run off stage like’a wee babe." Eric gave her a smile, "But ‘m sure yae were pretty good at what’cha did. No doubt in m’mind!"

He nodded his head, “As long as ‘e listens t’you. Doesn’t much listen t’ anybody else ‘round here. ‘S always, “bitch bitch bitch ‘bout this” an’ “ov’rtime here, ov’rtime there”. Truly is a neverending cycle, lass. I ain’t sure yae understand what it’s like bein’ his chickens.”

"Yeah, ‘em damn demons can’t keep their teeth out’ta a good soul. Hell, even a bad one. We jus’ gotta fight f’r it. ‘Ey just dunno when t’quit." he described as he made a fist.



"I like t’think I got a funny bone in me. Yae unfortunately din’t get blessed with it," Eric chuckled at him, "Such’a shame, y’r face would count as comedy ‘nuf, but ‘at’s considered mental abuse t’say anythin’ ‘bout it."

It happened daily between the two of them, where they’d get into short little bickerings, and to Eric, they were amusing and lightened up the day. Though, sometimes he’d get a little harsh, but with Eran, he was more or less allowed to be.

Looking straight at his father Eran really wanted to say you bastard, but knowing Eric he’d just have some witty come back or say something in Gaelic he wouldn’t understand.

Though Eran had grown up with the man. He knew that’s just what he did. He picked on everyone, Eran believed the person of exception was Alan. But even then Eric would sometimes tease him a time or two.

Today though he was too drained to say anything against this Scottish brute. Shoving the other lightly with both his hands it’s like the man didn’t even move.

Eric felt the nudge from his son and raised an eyebrow at him, “Y’feel better with th’shovin’?” he asked, chuckling at him and walking on. He flipped the file open that was in his hand, and read through it quickly.

Seemed like something more than one person was involved with. Too many deaths for one person. He checked his watch. Shit. If they didn’t get a move on, they were going to be late. And Spears would have his head for not ‘straightening up his kin’.

"Did’ja read through ‘is at all, kid?"

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Dinner Date with SordidReaper


Alan had hardly been able to focus on his work that day.  Eric promised him that he would take him out to eat on a date after work and Alan had been looking forward to it very much.  He kept watching the clock, just waiting for it to chime six.

After what seemed like an eternity, Alan’s shift was finally over.  He gathered up all of his things and went to Eric’s office.  He knocked on the door and poked his head in.  ”Hello Eric.  Are you ready to go?”  Alan couldn’t keep the smile off of his face.  He was excited.  It had been a while since it had been just the two of them out on a date.

Eric had been personally staying out of trouble for the day to avoid any possible overtime. He was sure Spears was raising his eyebrow at the silence of the day. For once in his life, he felt like all he did all day was nothing but paper pushing. He was determined to get everything he needed in for the day, plus a bit of overdue work that Spears was headhunting for. 

He heard the clock strike six down the hallway, which ended a shift for most of the reapers on the floor. Eric finishing filing away one last folder in his cabinets before hearing the knock on his door. He turned his head to see Alan poke in and he smiled, “Yeah, ‘m ready. Jus’ lemme grab m’jacket.” Eric walked over to his chair and nabbed the black blazer right from the back of it, hoisting it over his shoulder, “All right, all good.”

Alan knocked on the office door timidly. Eric had been in and out of the dispatch more frequently than ever, and he hadn't seen the other man for a good while. He'd heard rumour that he'd returned again, and wanted to see for himself. "Eric...?" He asked softly, knocking again. (shi-no-toge)




It wouldn’t have been long before the rumour was out anyway. Eric definitely had been in and out a lot, but with the nondisclosure of a case from another branch, the reinforcements needed volunteers for a little extra collecting. 

But with volunteering came a lot of paperwork, and one could say he was buried alive in it. He shuffled through a few of them in front of him, and dug through another pile searching for the one paper he saw just one moment ago. It was a never ending cycle. The knock made his attention turn towards the door, but then immediately back to his papers as he sighed, “Y’can come in.

Eric scribbled down another thing, and set the papers to the side. He wasn’t fully done, but the rest could wait until later. He pushed his hair back and rested his elbow on the desk, laying his head in his palm and giving a smile to the man across from him. “‘S nice t’see y’r face after bein’ away f’r s’long. It’s like seein’ heaven t’ saints, I guess y’d say.”

Alan smiled shyly. “I could say the same about you. It feels like you’ve been gone for ages.” he teased gently. “How have you been? Staying out of trouble, I assume?”

"Feels like it," he sighed and leaned back in his chair to stretch, "Yeah, yeah, stayin’ out’ta trouble as much as I can, I suppose. ‘Em other associates ain’t too keen on th’ways of th’Slingby," he snickered.

;——ғιяsт ∂αү ση тнε נσв || σρεη


His own eyes lit up upon the explanation, and he gave a small smile, and then a nod. “Ah, I see. Thank ya!”

And with the suggestion from the other male, he again nodded. “That would be much appreciated, thanks.” He stuck out a hand. “Name’s Edmund Taylor, by th’ way. Nice ta make yer aqquantiance.” Stricking up a classic smile of his, and a small head tilt, he seemed to be radiating positive energy, which was odd, for a reaper.

"Easy t’miss. S’no problem." Eric brushed off. As the other reaper ran through his introduction, Eric couldn’t help but notice he were in fact rather cheery. Well, Knox was cheery everyday, so it wasn’t very unnatural. Just for a new guy it seemed a bit off.

"Yeah…th’name’s Eric Slingby. Pleasure’s all mine," he grinned. Eric took the gesture and shook the other’s hand firmly, "C’mon, it ain’t t’far’a walk t’where we’re goin’. I’m sure y’ll be on a tight schedule once yae get it, no time t’waste, yeah?" The blonde haired reaper made a turn on his heels and began walking the direction of the affairs office.